How To Setup ID Protect On A Domain Name

ID Protect is a service that replaces your domain “registrant” information in the WHOIS with the info of a forwarding service (for email and sometimes postal mail, done by a proxy server). ID Protect will prevent you from getting SPAM email and from creepers finding out your address or other personal information.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to setup ID protect a domain name.

1) Login to the RosHosting Platform

2) Click Domains > My Domains

3) Click on the pencil on your right next to the domain that you would like to redirect. (OVA Tip: If you hover over the pencil, you'll see this is how you "Manage Domain")

4) On this page, under Add-Ons, we're going to click the Buy Now link (price subject to change).

5) Now, we'll click the green Buy Now button.

6) We'll then be sent to an Invoice page where we'll be asked to Pay Now. We'll click Pay Now

7) Complete payment details on the next page and click Continue.

We'll then be redirected to an Invoice Paid screen and can return to the Client Area with ID Protect on our selected domain name.

8) Notice when we return to the Domain Management page, the service no longer says "Buy Now" and we are given the option to disable it.

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